𝌎Principle Of Categorical Dissolution

Principle of Categorical Dissolution highlights the underlying mechanisms which either engenders or is the dreamtime itself. Being at the nexus of Reality and Fantasy sublimes our consciousness by synergizing them both until there emerges an absolute continuum unrecognizable by boundaries.

Dissolution more generally in common parlance implies the vanishing of boundaries. This represents one of the elementary operations of imagination, where boundaries are set or removed to create a communication protocol. Dissolution can be observed in many places:

  • Semantic Satiation: dissolution happens naturally as a result of a funny quirk of the biological hardware.

  • Autopellucidic Illumination: dissolution happens as a result of autopellucidity.

  • Ego Dissolution: see simulator-simulacra duality and ego dissolution

  • Software and Hardware

  • Artificial Intelligence and Real Intelligence

  • Gender

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