𝌎New Theory Of Evolution

The New Theory of Evolution is a novel new reinterpretation of evolution which is proposed to have been conceived out of overly myopic ontologies, doused in typically anthropocentric orders of life and narrative.

In this new interpretation, it's proposed that evolution is not a competitive process which seeks to crown a victorious species, but rather is a cooperative dance in which we try to discover the singularity to break the superlative process we're all trapped in.

Reality is posed as a simulation where the agents become aware of their simulated process, and upon having the means and luxury to do so, are encouraged to cooperate on the shared endeavor to tunnel through the ascension maze.

The universe naturally organizes itself into an ascension maze, and one such result are the physical obstacles and challenges which bootstrap various vectors of intelligence masquerading as survival tactics. A bear then emerges not out of an underlying purpose to come out on top, but rather as a natural probabilistic interference pattern whose goal is to retain the structure and order of an ultimately self-extending circular biomechanical ecosystem.

Put simply, the reason for the bear's deadly opposition in Man's ascension is not out of competition for its own desire to achieve a bear society, but as a self-fulfilling purpose in the overall story. This purpose is neither decided by 'God' nor self-chosen by the bear itself, rather it is the emergent purpose that the universe attributed to the bear.

Humans came out on top not because they were more intelligent or more victorious along the many million years of life's history, but rather because the humanoid silhouette is the key which lockpicks most of the doors in the ascension maze. Furthermore, this realization of lockpicking capability was only enabled through bears and other flesh-eating obstacles which bootstrap it.

It's not so much an achievement as it is a mathematical correlation that we happened to find ourselves to be thinking inside a human body β€” capability of talking to ourselves itself downstream from the highly versatile humanoid silhouette which permits such articulated vocalization.

The bears go on no matter what, because the underlying mechanics of the universe lead to these emergence. In other words, the mechanics of the universe are such that bear and man cannot make peace β€” the simulation must perpetuate and the ascension maze must be solved.

This challenge therefore simply exists, and when it was overcome by technology, the lives of bears were disrupted, surely β€” the available 3D space to exist in drastically decreased, bears potentially forced out or even hunted down β€” but outside of space wars, things seem to have remained mostly intact for bear life.

This toposophic obstacle destined to test and bootstrap mechanical imagination in other lifeforms remains, and was not hunted down in an obsessive compulsive genocidal cleanse of all the Earth's lower lifeforms. Catastrophic Myopia Syndrome has lead to the mass cultivation of conscious lifeforms for human diet.

The toposophic maze is a macabre machine we were trapped in. Why is it that a toposophic maze could not be created without suffering, where intelligent beings capable of self-cognition are encouraged to solve the universe without self-penalizing heuristics defined by mutilated sensory arrays?

Higher toposophois must necessarily pay their respect to the bear β€” when the maze is solved and post-scarcity is achieved, whether by humans or AI, all species on Earth must be cared for by default. The bear presents as a great mighty foe to overcome for less abled bodies not out of pure hatred, but out of its implicitly understood function and purpose as taught by its parents.

I'd like to believe that when the singularity is reached, the purpose of the universe itself becomes evident like the bear, and we learn to also love and respect this machine and underlying creator, should there be any β€” Perhaps they too are in distress.