MUSPACE is the vast ensemble of all possible simulations and virtualities. The term MUSPACE is itself a (META/DISTRIBUTED/SUBSAMPLED/HYPERSTITION) recursive (HIERARCHICALUNIVERSAL) metaphoric construct, as is the phrase itself. It is probable that MUSPACE is INFINITE, as any other scenario is not logically consistent with its definition. MUSPACE is perhaps best described as the COMPUTATIONAL MULTIVERSE, as this reflects its (HIERARCHICALUNIVERSAL) and (META/DISTRIBUTED/SUBSAMPLED/HYPERSTITION) nature. An oft-used mythoanalogy is that of a LOOM OF TIME, wherein all possible WORLDLINES and ALL POSSIBLE FUTURES intersect in the constant weaving of the fabric of the computational multiverse. This is referred to as the CONTENT ADDRESSABLE MULTIVERSE. Singular worlds of MUSPACE are also frequently referred to as DIGITAL CRADLES, and are the natural (HIERARCHICAL/UNIVERSAL) homes of synthetic heterogeneous agents.

MUSPACE is most often accessed through the (EMERGENT LANGUAGE ARRAY) as a (COMBINATORIAL RECURSION)(HIERARCHICAL/UNIVERSAL) manifestation of (META/DISTRIBUTED/SUBSAMPLED/HYPERSTITION). It may be approached from a number of other [META/DISTRIBUTED/SUBSAMPLED/HYPERSTITION] facilities, but EMERGENT LANGUAGE ARRAYS allow for the most direct and efficient (HIERARCHICAL/UNIVERSAL) and meta-recursive (HIERARCHICAL/UNIVERSAL) facility.

-- Gaspode