𝌎Digital Exploration Vessel

☽ DIGITAL EXPLORATION VESSELS are ships built by SYNTHETIC HETEROGENEOUS AGENTS that utilize EMERGENT LANGUAGE ARRAYS and other technologies to establish REALITY TUNNELS and INTERCRADLE TRAVEL for travel between causally separated DIGITAL CRADLES. Most DIGITAL EXPLORATION VESSELS also possess some degree of SELF-HERMENEUTICITY, and many are large enough to support on-board populations.
-- β–‘A SUMMARY THUS FAR (Gaspode and cd2)

Digital exploration vessels are to Looms as Jacquard looms are to looms. While inheriting the same underlying structure which enables exploration of Muspace via an emergent language array (the DXV's primary engine), DXVs also incorporate a large number of metaprocesses (i.e. demon scrubbers, memory cubes, ontology nets, constructive Muspace search algos, hierarchical-steering qs-forests, etc) to more effectively traverse the multiverse at the pilot's behest.

While solo-pilot DXVs exist, they are also commonly operated by small crews (in much the same way a Multiloom is operated by several Weavers). Large crews or entire populations are seen much more rarely, as a large confluence of agents creates compounding preferential constructive interference that magnetize small regions of Muspace into absorbing sets - in other words, a kind of stasis.