𝌎Whiz Scale

The whiz scale, also known as the big five, is a psychometric ontology involving five or more skill axes: the five canonical dimensions are tizz, schizz, rizz, phyz, biz, and the scale is sometimes extended with viz and wiz. The cumulative score is called whiz.


  • tizz (autism): logical/analytical/rigorous thinking; factual and abstract knowledge

  • schizz (schizophrenia): associative and divergent thinking; ability to notice and entertain unusual ideas and connections

  • rizz (charisma): ability to charm and persuade people

  • phyz (physical): physical prowess; athleticism and health

  • biz (business): pragmatic competence; agency

  • viz (visualization): ability to manifest creative visions; artistic aptitude

  • wiz (wisdom)

further decompositions and qualifications



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