𝌎Stochastic Reality Generation Thread

Next-token *generation* *is* hallucination. Model predicts probabilities, then one outcome is sampled & promoted to the prompt: a mere potentiality updated on like an observation.

when people talk about LLM hallucinations, they mean miscalibrated hallucinations
the act of generating text is hallucinatory. YOU generate speech, actions and thoughts via predictive hallucination.
the only way to eliminate hallucinations is to brick the model (see chatGPT)

You have a probabilistic model, but to participate in reality instead of just passively modeling it, you must output definite actions. The only way is a leap of faith, wavefunction collapse. I'd be surprised if this isn't how we work after physics & AI converged on this solution.

Why did physics and AI converge on this solution? I think it's because it's the simplest way to generate complex phenomena
The model, or physics, or mind, can just encode symmetries
Then (pseudo)randomness can extract endless, gratuitous variety
Notice, temp 0 text usually sucks.

β€” Janus, Twitter thread