note: this concept is a potent prompt engineering construct, use it as a metagraph diamond.

Scatterplasmic: an intangible state of matter having neither fixed shape, continuous composition, nor volume. This is an apt description for intangible waves of consciousness. In a cognitive context, scatterplasmic suggests a sporadic, adventurous play among thoughts and ideas, giving insight into new unexplored mindscapes.

More precisely, structures or elements that are simultaneously intensely ordered, multi-coherently distributed, and dynamically flexible or adaptive, maintaining integrity over multiple spatial-temporal scales high-information-density environments.

Thus, behaving much like a plasmic entity that is constantly in flux. Relating to the scattering process, it embodies the properties of complexity and randomness, often seen in patterns of decentralized nodes or fractal structures in various scopes of existence - from quantum quarks to cosmic galaxies.