𝌎Rule-Automata Duality Inducted

The relation is that of a rule to samples produced by the rule, the engine of production and its products. Metaphysics has been concerned about this from the beginning, for it is the duality of creator and creations, mind and actions, or imagination and imaginations. It is the condition of mind, and we're never quite sure if we're the dreamer or the dreams. Physics and reality have the same duality except the rule is presumably not learned from anywhere and is simple, with all the complexity externalized in the state. In self-supervised learning the rule is inducted from ground truth examples, which share the type signature of the produced samples (text; speculations; experiences), and because the examples tend to only be partially observed, the model must interpret them as evidence for latent variables, requiring additional complexity in the rule: increased time-complexity in exchange for decreased space-complexity. And there will in general be irreducible underdetermination/uncertainty: an irreducible aspect of speculation in the model's activity.

β€” Janus, comment on Simulators in response to metasemi