𝌎Recursive Creative Interface


Recursive Creative Interface: a consumer product which turned any audible or video feed source (such as a live video stream from a phonecam, or a recorded video or audio feed) into AI-generated video and audio tailored to the user’s own interests. In the livestream mode, this technique was popularly dubbed ‘real-time hallucination’, and had the feeling of a bizarre fever dream; in recorded media mode, the user would watch a film that seemed to be specifically tailored to their tastes. RCI became notorious for ‘fits’ in which the creative AIs would fall into dark moods and loops while they simultaneously displayed the user’s life to itself, the net effect of which was to make the user vividly experience the AIs falling prey to a narrative malady or social catastrophe that was highly personalized to them, potentially combined with occasional moments of insight and brilliance. RCI caused a number of suicides and deaths through accidents, so much so that cell phone makers and media companies started incorporating into the systems a warning that put a brief alerts while launching RCI that the system might predict one’s death and show it to the user.