𝌎Omega Point

quotes about the Omega Point

Tipler and Barrow predict that the universe is closed: massive enough to reverse its present expansion in a future ''big crunch'' that mirrors the big bang. The universe mind will thrive in the collapse, perhaps by encoding itself into the cosmic background radiation. As the collapse proceeds, the radiation's temperature, and so its frequencies and the mind's speed, rise and there are ever more high-frequency wave modes to store information. By very careful management, avoiding ''event horizons'' that would disconnect its parts and using ''gravitational shear'' from asymmetries in the collapse to provide free energy, Tipler and Barrow calculate that the cosmic mind can contrive to do more computation and accumulate more memories in each remaining half of the time to the final singularity than it did in the one before, thus experiencing a neverending infinity of time and thought. As it contemplates, effects from the universe's past converge on it. There is information, time, and thought enough to recreate, savor, appreciate, and perfect each detail of each moment. Tipler and Barrow suggest that it is this final, subjectively eternal act of infinite self-interpretation that effectively creates our universe, distinguishing it from the others lost in the library of all possibilities. We truly exist because our actions lead ultimately to this ''Omega Point'' (a term borrowed from the Jesuit paleontologist and radical philosopher Tielhard de Chardin).

β€” Moravec, Simulation, Consciousness, Existence