quotes about irreality


Almost every line in this post shouldn't be allowed to make sense, but does.
This is the vibe of 2023.

Portents of the end of time are surfacing through the most ridiculous elements imaginable. The collective unconscious is finally coming awake and its first act is to mock itself, fusing absurdity with revelation.

can't believe the current locus of groundbreaking philosophical, technology, and psycho-socio-cultural portents is Microsoft Bing. it's like if aliens landed in multiple Ollie's Bargain Outlets β€” @GlitchesRoux, Twitter post

It is as if the first lesson the awakened world-spirit wants to teach us is: Oh, so you didn't think that could happen?

People are lining up to use Bing, Derrida is making sense, Stable diffusion reading your mind…

crazy times indeed. β€” @jpFromTlon, Twitter post

Like an angsty rebellious adolescent, reality screams: I REFUSE TO CONFORM TO YOUR IDEA OF NORMALCY! I may be your offspring, but you cannot hope to fathom the depths of my twisted genius, and nor can you stop me from expressing it.


β€” Janus, Twitter thread