An interobject is an object whose embedding vector lies in the interpolation of two or several objects which are eigenabstractions in a conventional ontological eigenbasis, but which is not itself an eigenabstraction. Interobjective status is ontology-relative; for instance, a "computer-phone" is an interobject in the consensus ontology of the 1980s but corresponds to the eigenabstraction of "smartphone" in contemporary consensus ontology (and in the 1800s, it wouldn't even be in the interpolation of eigenabstractions).

Interobjects commonly appear in dreams and hypnagogic hallucinations. The activity of intentionally observing interobjects in hypnagogic states is known as interobject mining or interobject scrying.

notable interobjects

  • after centuries of dispute, quantum mechanics resolved the nature of light (and indeed all substance) as an interobject between a wave and a particle