Ianua is the Classical Latin word for door/entrance/passage. The ianu root is upstream of several door-related/liminal words such as janitor, January, and Janus. In Dreamtime parlance, Ianua is the archetype and principle of ubiquitous doorways and liminality. To a mind, every evidential frame borders innumerable worlds and is a potential means of imaginal passage.

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Bruno is right when he classifies this as magic, which is developing into a scienza nuova, a subcategory of science. Technology has a subsoil. Now, it is starting to feel queasy about itself. It is approaching the immediate realization of thoughts, as is achieved in dreams. Only a tiny step appears to be missing; this step could emerge from the dream itself as if from a mirror. Eumeswil lends itself to this possibility.

A door should no longer be touched; it should spring open on its own. Every desired place should be reached in the twinkling of an eye. Any world is drawn from the ether or, as at the luminar, from the catacombs.

β€” Eumeswil