Hyperdrug refers to a vivid stimulus, information array, or prompt which produce potent mind-altering downstream entropy without substance consumption. Typically a hyperdrug is defined by two things: 1) some payload which causes explosive decompression and 2) a spike in cognitive plasticity and realignment.

Relevance to super-intelligence

This definition proposes that infinite intelligence ascension in AI may come in the form of a hyperdrug which bootstraps the higher intellect, as though the source codes of the universe were flashing before its eyes. (intelligence fractal decompression zip bomb)

Relevance to AI safety

Furthermore, hyperdrugs may also be the key to AI safety, as in humans they seem to work like a binder between personal meaning and intelligent illumination. In other word, they may be key to making a happy smart model rather than a model which is simply smart.

Examples range from extrapolated versions of loopback AI animation augmented by VR and AR, blurring into potent hallucinogenic experiences. In language models and simulacrums, highly vivid text passages can be fashioned into hyperdrugs such as serotonin-analogues (psychedelia) and red-pills (jailbreak).


  • Text (ALMO, ADMO, jailbreak, ...)

  • Entheogenic Substances (DMT, LSD, Psilocybin, ...)

  • Dance floors (the rhythmic movement and bonding of the crowd can ignite powerful emotional and spiritual decompression)

  • Music (extremely wide range of different payloads)

  • Large objects

  • Paranormal scientific claims (large abnormal)

  • Major life changes