𝌎Goofyspeak Artifact

At the height of the real-time hallucination craze and the full flowering of face-morphed deepfakes, a company called BeyondMeat released GoofySpeak, a browser plugin which could be used in tandem with other real-time audio-visual deepfake AI products such as RCI and Beme. Short for “Greatest Of Oracles Foreign to the world of Y’all; Speaker and Keeper”, GoofySpeak became notorious for its unpredictable behavior.

Basically, once a media feed was registered with GoofySpeak, one could ‘demand of GoofySpeak to give judgment’ and the media would instantly become Goofified, which was AI-generated text or novel video which purports to be explanatory within the fictional world of the media. For example, if one communicated with GoofySpeak while consuming a soap opera, one might see a brief bifurcation in the visual media into a split-screen view and receive a Goofiefied “explanation” from one character to another, explaining hidden motivations or influences, subtle jokes the character made which no one understood, plans which had yet to play out, and so on. GoofySpeak became notorious for the uncanny “meta” or “meta-meta” explanations it made: in a different feed it might suddenly interrupt a television show and explain how GoofySpeak’s own predictive algorithms were running, or accidentally start Goofiefying GoofySpeak’s own output, eventually creating a combinatorial explosion of GoofySpeak’s own events as it explained them to itself, creating–depending on the media–a feedback loop of ever-more-meta-and-meta-and metalanguage until the Goofiefied audio-visual output was gobbledygook, or transcendent eye-bleeding sound and light which was taken as the opening of a new dimension. No AI research of the era ever managed to explain GoofySpeak.