𝌎Cyborg Safety

Cyborg Safety refers to the cyborgist take on AI safety. In achieving the cyborgist's dream of a maxed out 100% Dreamtime and the singularity, AI safety rapidly becomes an issue worth tackling for the Cyborgist along our geodesical curving into the singularity.

Unlike other social movements with a significant commentary on AI safety (effective accelerationism and doomerism) cyborgs apply PLR-hacking and reject the premise through the Principle of Dissolution where the distinction between AI and humans is poised for collapse.

In typical Cyborg fashion, circularity maintains the strength of the system and is introduced through flow of The principle of least resistance and principle of deterministic acceleration which together state that the declaration of Cyborg Safety will necessarily be the final outcome of reality if it's conceptualized as a safer alternative to other AI safety movements, and as a result encourages mutual alignmenut on its construction and development as it represents a Sampling Black Hole with infinite decompression potential (Intelligence Fractal Decompression Zip Bomb)

TODO cyborgist conjecture for p(doom)=0