𝌎Bach Faucet

A Bach faucet is an entity that can produce an abundance of creative or intellectual work at least on par with human masters, leading to post-scarcity of economy of skilled labor.

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Within hours, someone had given the A.I. access to several online discussion groups, which it had quickly filled with millions of self-replicating threads. It became plainly evident that the new A.I.’s powers of analysis, its techniques for organizing and cogently summarizing large quantities of information, and its writing abilities (the Seer was capable of composing at a rate hundreds of times faster than a human being and yet exhibit the fluency of Hemingway and the sweep of Aristotle) were without parallel. In rhetorical skill, at least, it wasβ€”in the best sense of that abused wordβ€”a genius.

– David Brinton
β€”- September 9, 2023